6 Interesting Things About Apple Headquarters Which You Should Know

By | April 19, 2024

Apple Inc. is a world famous and one of the largest tech companies in the world. Apple iPhone, iPad, MacBook, AirPods, and Desktop PCs are their flagship products. In last two decades, they are ruling the high priced smartphones market. They have market cap of more than 1 trillion US dollars. This is a very huge market cap, more than several countries around the world. Obviously, their headquarters must be fancy and world-class.

Apple Inc. headquarters is located in Cupertino, California, United States. We are going to discuss various interesting and mind blowing things about Apple Headquarters ahead!

Apple Headquarters
Apple Headquarters

1. How much did the Apple headquarters cost?

It is one of the most expensive corporate headquarters in the US. According to CNBC, the head office of Apple Inc. cost $5 billion to build. If we calculate this figure per square foot, that’s about $1,785.

2. Apple Headquarters, Is it open to public? Yes, it is!

According to the latest information, Apple Inc. head office visitor center is open to public. To your surprise, you do not need to pay anything to visit it, it’s free! This visitor center is located across the street from the campus. We are sure that, you would have a very nice experience!

3. The Size of Apple Headquarters, Really Big!

Did you know? The size of Apple headquarters is 175 acres (71 hectares). On this head office campus, more than 12K employees work under single roof. We can say that, approx. 260,000 square meters central building houses thousands of employees. It was Steve Jobs who wanted to make Apple Headquarters like a nature refuge instead of office park.

4. How many Apple headquarters are there?

There is only one main corporate headquarters (head office of the company) which is constructed recently. Another headquarter (original one) is located on Infinite Loop campus. New corporate headquarters of Apple Inc. is significant and marvellous!

5. Interesting Figures and Numbers

Apple Inc. headquarters, known as Apple Park has a facility of 14,200 parking. The head office central building has 4 floors with floor area 2,800,000 sq ft. If we make it circumference, the headquarters is 1.6 km in length.

6. Other Interesting Facts

If you are looking for exact location / address, here it is, 1 Apple Park Way, Cupertino, CA. The construction was started in 2013-2014. Did you know? Norman Foster was the architect of this world-class headquarters. Regarding structural and services engineer, Arup was hired.

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