A Basic Guide on “What You Need to Know About Aadhar Authentication”

By | May 7, 2024

What is Aadhar Authentication? It’s the process wherein Aadhar Card number along with all bio metric information is submitted to the repository of UIDAI.

The main purpose of this authentication process is to keep the database up-to-date.

The repository verifies the information entered and checkout whether there is any lack of information etc. and ensure the Aadhar database of the resident to up-to-date.

A Basic Guide on “What You Need to Know About Aadhar Authentication”

Different Modes of Aadhar Authentication Process

Aadhar card authentication process may be carried out through the following modes:

  • Demographic Authentication
  • One Time Pin Authentication
  • Biometric Authentication
  • Multi-Factor Authentication

Now, we are going to discuss these modes of authentication in detail

Demographic Authentication: The demographic information and the Aadhar number of the resident is matched with the demographic details of the Aadhar card hold in the repository i.e. CIDR.

One Time Pin Authentication: A One Time Password with time period is sent to the registered mobile number or the registered email address of the Aadhar card holder.

The Aadhar card holder need to submit this OTP password at the time of authentication and the same will be matched with the OTP generated by the UIDAI.

Biometric-Based Authentication:  The Aadhar card number and the biometric information submitted by the Aadhar card holder are matched with the biometric information stored in the CIDR.

This biometric information may be fingerprints-based or iris scanning or other biometric data based on information stored in the CIDR.

Multi-Factor Authentication: As the name implies, this mode of authentication can be done using multiple ways. The combination of any two of the above mentioned authentication process may be used.

What Are the Expected Benefits of Aadhar Authentication?

Adding New Beneficiaries:

This authentication process can be used as proof of identity and address to extend the social welfare schemes and other government subsidies.

Confirming Beneficiary:

Government Programs and Schemes for the beneficiariesneed to be confirmed before the delivery of the subsidy to reduce fraudulent activities.

Financial Transactions:

The importance of Aadhar Authentication cannot be denied when it comes to tracking financial transactions. Using Aadhar Authentication, Micro-ATM devices have the potential of changingfinancial landscape of the country

Track End-End Delivery Services:

If the Aadhar authentication process is implemented in all the channels, it will help limitseepagesand also help identify bottlenecks in delivery.

Frequently Asked Question About Aadhar Authentication

How Can I Authenticate Aadhar?

You need to provide your Aadhar number and other biometric information (Fingerprint, IRIS,Name, Age and Address) as requested by the service provider.

The request can be initiated and sent to UIDAI’s CIDR repository for authentication.

Does Aadhar Authentication Reveal the Individuals Personal Information?

No, after matching and authenticating the information, the CIDR only displays the results as “Yes/No” after matching the data submitted along with the Aadhaar number.

What Are the Data Authenticated and Verified by UIDAI for Aadhar Authentication Process?

Demographic information verified by UIDAI includes: Your name, registeredaddress, your gender, age/date of birth, registered mobile number, and registered email address.

Bio metric authentication can be done through fingerprints or iris. In addition, UIDAI authority also provides One Time Password based verification.

When I Need to Authenticate Aadhar?

Nowadays many service providers such as PDS, and Government authorized banks are making it mandatory to link Aadhar authentication services.

Residents would need to authenticate either at the time of subscribing or at the time of availing service delivery.

This would benefit the residents as no one else can avail the benefits designed for a particular resident.

These are the information you need to be aware of the Aadhar authentication.

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