Why Aadhar Card is Compulsory for Getting Driving License

By | May 11, 2024

In everyone’s life, there comes a time in everyone’s where they feel the need to get out and explore the off-road experience. To achieve this, you need to keep your driving license handy. Getting your driver’s license is pretty straight forward.

Aadhaar Card To Be mandatory for Getting Driving Licence

In this article we are going to discuss why Aadhar card is important for getting driving license.

The central government has informed all the states to make Aadhar card, a must have document to apply driving license in India. The main aim behind this is to reduce the issuance of getting multiple licenses under one name.

This new scheme will also come into effective from October, 2017 and also this will also help the government in maintaining the same proof for everyone in the centralized database.

Having different & multiple driving licenses using fake ids is the common thing in India. Other than the issue of fake ids, there is also a common thing in India that is even one of the driving licenses in blocked, people with multiple licenses continue driving. This will defeat the purpose of penalties such as confiscation of the licenses.

By having centralized database, RTOs can check out instantly whether the same kind of proof is already provided or the applicant has a license in any other state.

And also, if the person doesn’t have an Aadhar card, they need to provide multiple documents for identity. So by providing Aadhar card as proof, there is no more paperwork and no need to carry more documents handy!

Making Aadhaar card as the mandatory document and increasing the penalty for violating traffic rules can help control and reduce a number of road accidents, duplicate vehicle registrations and duplicate driving licenses.

Already, the Government of India has made Aadhar card an important identity proof that is required for application of new LPG subsidy, board examinations,college admission, PAN card, e-filing, and other government programs and getting subsidies from the government.

Recently, there is an innovative driving license called “Smart Driving License”. A  Smart Driving License is the better option when compared to normal driving license as it stores all information about the driver. Here are some of the important benefits of having Smart Driving License,

  • Stores all details including photograph, signature, and other personal details.
  • Prevents the issuance of duplicate vehicle registration, fake ids for driving licenses etc.
  • All the information stored in an optical strip, this preventing unauthorized access and tampering of data.

Eligibility of Getting Smart Driving Licenses

  • As an applicant, you should be aged at least 18 years and completed 8th standard.
  • You need to provide all supporting documents or else Aadhar card copy.

The government estimates that with nearly 120 crore of population, just 18 crore driving licenses has been issued still the date. And so many have catching up to, so get ready to apply driving license. Keep your Aadhar card handy. If you didn’t have an Aadhar card, follow the below given step to apply the one!

Now Let us discuss “How to Get an Aadhar Card?”

Step 1: Visit your nearby Aadhar card Enrollment Number.

Step 2: Once you find the center you, you can book an appointment online.

Step 3: Take all your documents handy and submit it to the officials.

Step 4: Once the documents are submitted and they are accepted by the officials, you need to provide your biometric information to the officials.

Step 5: And then, they will take a photograph of you and get it documented. It’s the picture which will be get printed in your Aadhar card.

Step 6: Once all the above steps were done, you will be provided with the enrollment slip and acknowledgement number. This slip will have a 14 digit which will help you to check the status of your application.

Getting driver license is really a nerve-cracking process but it also a big achievement you ever make! So before you head on to apply driving license, make all your documents handy! This will make the road to get a driving license smoother!

Hope, the above guide will envision yourself to get the license as soon as possible without too much hassles!

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