Why Aadhar Card is the MUST for TB Patients to Avail Government Help?

By | March 12, 2024

“Is Tuberculosis, (called as TB) common in India? The answer is “Obviously, Yes”. Recent study revealed that about 40% of the population is infected with TB bacteria”

The next question is, “Is TB Curable?” The answer is the same, “Yes”. But the treatment session is too long and take almost 6-9 months.

Since the disease TB is the most common disease in India, the Government of India is offering many schemes under health sector to prevent and to treat the disease Tuberculosis alias TB.

Aadhaar Card mandatory for tuberculosis patients

And also, recently the Central Government announced that the need of Aadhar Card Number is the must for at least availing 106 schemes and services in India. Without the card, you can’t avail the service. And this includes filing your tax returns, LPG Subsidy, applying passport, for getting meal at school or even receiving cash subsidy as a TB patient.

Use of Aadhar Card?

There is no intention or specific purpose behind the issue of Aadhar card. Unlike Voter’s ID, whose main purpose is to take part in the election process, the Aadhar was not created as such manner. Instead, it can be used as a valid proof to avail almost all subsidies without needing to register or apply for a separate proof for each of these services.

Do You Know Why It Is Mandatory To Have An Aadhar Card?

  • The government says making Aadhaar mandatory will help to limit fraudulent activities and will make the distribution of subsidies easier.
  • The nationwide programmer for TB health aid is administered by the web-based application called “Nikshay” for which Aadhar card details is used register the patient’s detail. The 12 digit identification number on the Aadhar card will be linked to the web based app “Nikshay”.
  • The importance of submitting Aadhar card for getting TB health aid is to transfer the cash directly into the accounts of the registered patients and there will be no chance for duplication.

Benefits of Aadhar Card in Health Sector.

With all personal, financial and health details stored on a single platform called Aadhar Card UID, treatment and transactions would be paperless and stress less, eliminating the need to maintain any medical file for the treatment. Even in the case of a health emergency,the doctor will analyze the medical history stored in the smart card and offers the right treatment for the citizen.

Since all the health and personal details stored in a government bio metric data base, it would be helpful for you seek subsidized treatment or support from NGOs where necessary.

All You Need to Know

  • The Ministry of Health conveys that by offering subsidies via Aadhar card brings transparency and efficiency enabling beneficiaries to get their entitlement directly in a convenient way.
  • It also eases the need for providing “N” number of documents to prove one’s identity.
  • Till you get the Aadhar card, you can avail the benefits with the help of Aadhar enrollment ID copies, a copy of request made for Aadhar card registration, and other valid proofs such as Driver license, Voters ID etc.

New System to Monitor the Health of TB Patients 

The Ministry of Health has introduced a system to monitor the health of TB patients. As a patient, if you forget to take pills, the health department will get the information through the system. Wondering how it is possible?

Let me explain

The new system is introduced under the scheme “99 DOTS (Directly Observed Treatment)”. Each dosage of tablet has a different number on its strip and the patient has to give a missed call on the number after intaking the tablet. This will get registered in the system indicating that he/she has taken the medicine. If he doesn’t give the missed call, then the health department assumes that they didn’t take the medicine. And then they get warned by the health department that they have not taken the medicine yet.

On the final recap.

By offering cash-subsidies to TB patients via Aadhar Card, the government has promised to eliminate TB by 2025!

There are much more subsidies offered by the Government of India which will be available for you if and only if, you’ve your Aadhar card.

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