Common Aadhar Card Related Issues and Ways to Solve Them

By | March 25, 2024

Having an Aadhar card is most important proof as it serves as an identify proof as well as address proof.

The UIDAI authority has done their best efforts to make this scheme a grand success, but despite of these efforts, residents still face some kind of grievances regarding the enrollment process and with the receipt of acknowledgement of Aadhar card.

Common Aadhar Card Related Issues and Ways to Solve Them

Below we have given the list of common Aadhar card problems faced by residents and the ways to solve them.

UIDAI rejects the application and Not Issued an Aadhar Card

At some times, the government might refrain from issuing of Aadhar card for the few residents.

The reason for rejecting the application will be clearly informed to him/her along with the registrar.

Some of the possible reason for the rejection of an Aadhar card is – mismatched information, and lack of supporting documents.

The exact reason and steps to resolve this problem will be sent by the Government to you. So that, you can follow the instruction and reapply for the Aadhar card based in the information provided.

Misplaced or Lost Your Aadhar Card and Didn’t Remember your Aadhar Card Number

In certain case, if you lost your Aadhar card and didn’t remember your Aadhar card number and enrollment number, it’s really difficult to apply for a new card.

To get a solution for this, you need to contact the enrollment center in person or contact UIDAI via post, phone or email. You may be charged a little sum of money to avail this service.

If you’ve used your Aadhar card as proof to avail some kind of service then you can get the Aadhar number by getting in touch with the agency that has offered you the service.

The Delivery of the Aadhar Card Has Failed

In case, if your Aadhar card didn’t reach you within 90 days which means the delivery of your Aadhar card has been failed.

In such cases, you need to contact the UIDAI center and provide them your enrollment number. Also you can visit the official web portal UIDAI to check the status of your Aadhar card and then reapply for a new card.

Your Aadhar Card Contains Spelling Mistakes and Other Typos

At the time of verification, you will be requested to check out the details.

You can cross check the document for any mistakes or typos before submitting the information for authentication.

If you find any errors, you will be provided with the chance to correct any mistakes before it is sent in for confirmation.

The Enrolment letter will be printed as per the information submitted and issued to you.

If you find the corrections and errors after this stage, you need to visit the enrollment center in person in order to perform a correction.

This will take 2 days of processing time and also you might be charged a little processing fee.

Other Issues Included Are:

  • Gender/Photo Mismatch
  • Age/Photo Mismatch
  • Poor Quality Photograph
  • Name and Address Error
  • Relationship Error
  • Incomplete Address

Where to Submit your Aadhar Card Related Queries?

While applying for an Aadhar card, you will be provided with an acknowledgement slip, it will contain all the contact details that help you to make queries about Aadhar related issues to the UIDAI.

This article states the common problems often faced by the residents of India.

Whatsoever the issue is, you can get help from the representatives from UIDAI by contacting them via email, phone, fax etc.

Complaints and other issues can be solved by contacting the authorities via the toll free Number: 1800-300-1947 and the Email ID: Or else, you can directly visit your nearest enrollment center.

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