E-Signature Using Aadhaar Card – All You Need to Know!

By | February 9, 2024

Gone are the days where the traditional methods of signing were used for verifying and authenticating documents. With many technological innovations, an electronic signature has paved an alternative way for using signatures.

So, What is Electronic Signature?

An electronic signature can be the scanned image of your signature, made on the computers using voice, or initials.

This service has been utilized to facilitate an Aadhaar card holder to sign their important documents online. Utilization of this signature services can be performed after then authentication process of the Aadhaar card holders through KYC service.

E-Signature Using Aadhaar Card – All You Need to Know!

What Do You Mean by Aadhaar Based E-Signature?

Aadhaar based e-signature is initiated by the Government of India. Under this service, anyone with an Aadhaar card and a registered mobile number can sign documents from anywhere and anytime.

Using this service, you can share yourdigitally signed document with any number of members inviting them to place their digital sign to make the contract legally valid and enforceable.

What Are Challenges involved in this Process?

The main two challenges involved in this process are as follows:

  • Trustworthy Signing
  • User Authentication

The e-Sign feature ensures that the citizens with registered mobile phone numbers and valid Aadhaar IDs are able to carry out the digital signing of the documents online.

What Are the Benefits of Having e-Sign?

The main objective of the Aadhaar based e-sign is to offer a perfect platform to sign documents anywhere, anytime. Not only it is time saving, it also keeps the document legally valid since this e-sign feature is accepted by the Indian Government.

Now, Let Us Discuss How e-Sign Works

As you think e-sign a document is not a difficult process. To enroll Aadhaar based e-sign service, you need two things, i.e.

  • Valid Aadhaar card number
  • Registered mobile number

Just with the use of these two documents, you can e-sign the document instantly doesn’t matter wherever you’re. Here I am going to explain the process of “How e-Sign Works?”

  • Upload the document you have to e-sign
  • Enter all the required details such as valid Aadhaar card number, and registered mobile number
  • You will receive OTP on your registered mobile number
  • Your signed document will be available for download now. Also, you can send e-sign invite to other parties if needed.
  • You can download your signed document now. Or if you need to get it signed from the other parties, you need to wait for few more minutes.
  • Once all the parties have placed their e-sign on the document, you can download it or safeguard for future use.

Why You Need to Use e-Sign Facility?

High-End Privacy–This e-sign service ensures that the signer’s privacy is maintained and secured from cybercriminals.

Multiple Layers of Authentication – Aadhaar based e-sign service offers a various level of authentication like biometric authentication like IRIS verification, fingerprints scanning etc. and also OTP is also being used.

No More Physical Interference – All the process of e-sign is done without manual intervention. There is no more need to visit in person for verification process, since the e-sign offers the easy-to-use online method based on the e-authentication.

Save More Money and Reduce Human Errors – The process of e-signing reduces the impact of human errors while signing the documents.

And also e-signature based on Aadhaar card authentication ensures everything is going smooth, thus by fixing the issues that could have been prevented.

The above given are few of the important things you need to be aware of using e-sign based on Aadhaar card authentication.

Still waiting to make your signature digitalized? If you’re not yet taking the advantage of digital signature, you’re losing an amazing opportunity to improve productivity and lower cost.

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