Guide on How to Download Aadhar Card Form Online

By | March 20, 2024

We all know the advantages of having an Aadhar card handy! By enrolling yourself in Aadhar scheme, you can enjoy almost all the services offered by the Government of India.

If you’re looking to download Aadhar card form online, you can read this article to know the tips and things to consider when looking downloading an Aadhar card form.

Guide on How to Download Aadhar Card Form Online

Applying for an Aadhar Card

To apply an Aadhar card, it is important to fill an application form online.

The Aadhar card application form is available online on the official portal UIDAI. You can also get an enrollment form by visiting your nearby Aadhar center.

To apply an enrollment for Aadhar card, you need to download the form online, fill out the form by entering the required fields and then submit the form along with all the necessary documents – proof of identity, address proof, and date of birth certificate to the Aadhar center.

What is An Enrollment Form?

The Aadhar card application form or enrollment form is a two page form whereas the first page contains the fields to fill your personal details and the second page consists of the instructions to be followed while filling the application form.

The same enrollment has been used for both applying Aadhar card and correcting typos in the Aadhar card.

When applying for Aadhar card correction, you need to enter your 12- digit Aadhar card number at the top of the enrollment form. And for the rest, you need to fill out the details which are required for corrections.

Things to Remember While Filling Aadhar Card Application

Before you begin to fill your application, read the instruction thoroughly and make a note of the below mentioned things:

Capital Letters Only – You need to fill out the entire application in capital letters. Capital letters are suggested by the UIDAI as it’s easily to recognize and less prone to typos and misspellings.

Write Clearly – Don’t overwrite any information and make your handwriting easy to understand. If your application form is not written in the readable form, there might be a high chance of getting it rejected and then you need to re-apply again.

It would increase the processing time and delay the whole process for receiving the Aadhar card.

Aadhar Card Application Process

There are two ways of application or registration process, i.e.

  • Online Method
  • Offline Method

Online Method

If you’re looking to download Aadhar card application form online, here are the few steps to follow:

  • First and foremost, to download the application form, you need to visit the official website portal UIDAI.
  • You will find the downloadable enrollment under the forms section, just open the form and click on the “Download” option. The application form will be downloaded in the PDF format.
  • Next, you need to fill out all the required details in capital letters and submit the form to your nearest enrollment center along with the necessary documents.

Offline Method

In this method, you can visit your nearby enrollment center, get the application form, fill out the details and then submit it accordingly.

Aadhar Card Enrollment Center – What You Expect?

  • While submitting your application along with valid proofs, you will also be needed to submit your photograph, and biometric information such asfinger prints and IRIS scan.
  • After submitting all the details, you need to get the acknowledgement slip from the officials. Make sure to keep this acknowledgement safe as the information provided in the slip will be used for applying duplicate Aadhar card in the future.
  • Usually the process of Aadhar card is 60-90 days and it will be delivered to you via postal mail. India Post is the trusted partner for delivering Aadhar card to the respective residents.

Starting with the topic how to download Aadhar card application form online, I’ve covered almost everything related to Aadhar card application process.

Hope you find this guide useful!

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