How to Reach Rajkot by Bus, Train, Flight, Car, Air

By | March 4, 2024

Rajkot is the largest city of Saurashtra and widely considered as the business hub of the region. Daily thousands of persons come from various cities across the country for various purposes such as business, professional work, career/educational activities and spending their vacation.

Rajkot is well connected by road route, air route and railway route. It is also very easiest to reach Rajkot and go to any places of the country from Rajkot. We have provided here best tips & guide on How to Reach Rajkot by Bus, Train, Flight, Car.

Rajkot Bus Stand

Rajkot Bus Stand

How to Reach Rajkot by Bus, Train, Flight, Car, Air

1. How to Reach Rajkot by Train of Indian Railways

Rajkot is well connected through most of railway routes across the country. So, it is very easy to reach Rajkot from the metro cities of India as well as other large cities of the country. Rajkot is well connected through Indian Railways rail network with major cities of India such as Secunderabad, Bangalore, Ahmedabad, Surat, Baroda, Mumbai, Pune, New Delhi, Ajmer, Bhopal, Jabalpur, Valsad, Vapi, Dehradun, Coimbatore and so many other cities of the country.

We have mentioned the most popular trains which connect Rajkot with other cities of the country.

List of Trains from Mumbai Central (BCT) to Rajkot Junction (RJT)

  • Saurashtra Express (Mumbai Central BCT to Porbandar)
  • Madgaon – Hapa Express
  • Tuticorin – Okha Express
  • Coimbatore – Rajkot Express
  • Secunderabad – Rajkot Express
  • Secunderabad – Porbandar Express
  • Trivandrum CNTL – Veraval Express
  • Eranakulam – Okha Express
  • Pune – Veraval Express
  • Saurashtra Janta Express (Jamnagar to Bandra Terminus BDTS)
  • Saurashtra Mail Express (Okha to Mumbai Central BCT)
  • Tirunelveli – Hapa Weekly
  • Kochuveli – Porbandar Express

List of Trains from New Delhi (NDLS) to Rajkot Junction (RJT)

  • Delhi Sarai Rohilla – Porbandar
  • Porbandar Express (Muzaffarpur Jn to Porbandar)
  • Dehradun – Okha
  • Sarvodaya Express (Jammu Tawi to Hapa)
  • Jammu Tawi – Jamnagar

List of Trains from Ahmedabad JN (ADI) to Rajkot Junction (RJT)

  • Varanasi JN to Okha
  • Saurashtra Janta Express (Bandra Terminus BDTS to Jamnagar)
  • Delhi Sarai Rohilla to Porbandar
  • Rameswaram to Okha
  • Puri to Okha
  • Madgaon to Hapa
  • Saurashtra Mail (Mumbai Central BCT to Okha)
  • Trivandrum CNTL to Veraval
  • Eranakulam to Okha
  • Porbandar Express (Muzaffarpur to Porbandar)
  • Pune – Veraval
  • Jabalpur – Somnath EXPRESS
  • Howrah – Porbandar
  • Hapa – Okha LINK EXPRESS
  • Ahmedabad – Somnath
  • Kaviguru Superfast Exp (Santragachi JN to Porbandar)
  • Nathdwara to Okha
  • Ahmedabad to Okha Fast Passenger (Local Train)
  • Secunderabad to Porbandar
  • Coimbatore to Rajkot WKLY EXP.
  • Sarvodaya Express (Jammu Tawi to Hapa)
  • Jammu Tawi to Jamnagar Exp
  • Tuticorin to Okha Exp
  • Surat to Jamnagar Intercity Exp
  • Gorakhpur to Okha Exp
  • Guwahati to Okha Exp
  • Saurashtra Exp (Mumbai Central BCT to Porbandar)
  • Tirunelveli to Hapa
  • Kochuveli to Porbandar

2. How to Reach Rajkot through Bus

Rajkot is also well connected through the road route. There are a number of private bus operators in addition of Government buses (GSRTC). Rajkot is well connected across the India through the national highway. There are following private bus operators which provide services to reach Rajkot from number of cities of Gujarat and outside Gujarat besides Government bus operator GSRTC. We have mentioned their official website where you can contact them as well as book online tickets.

  • Eagle Travels
  • Gujarat Travels
  • Patel Tours and Travels
  • Raj Express
  • Mahasagar Travels
  • Kenson Travels

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3. How to Reach Rajkot through Air Route

Rajkot is having domestic airport which connects major cities of India. Only a few scheduled flights are running from and to Rajkot due to low traffic. Still, there is a good facility of flights to reach Rajkot. These flights are served by Air India and Jetlite from Mumbai to Rajkot.

Due to runway problem, no other airlines is able to operate from Rajkot. New Airport plan has been under consideration and will be built around the city of Rajkot.