How to Use and Register Airtel SIM with Aadhar EKYC

By | April 27, 2024

Heard about Airtel Service provider? Yeah, Airtel is the most popular telecommunication company which offers the facility of linking their SIM card details with their Aadhar card.

Usually customers had to submit documentation every time they opt for the new services, new SIM change or changing some other details regarding their number.

This will not be the issue with the KYC option. So Airtel launches the new eKYC scheme to their customers. This system will be available for prepaid as well as postpaid mobile connections.

To get a new SIM card, customers have to provide the identity proof, and address proof. The activation of KYC will enable Airtel customers to enjoy instant activation of mobile connection and thereby enhance their overall convenience and experience.

How to Use and Register Airtel SIM with Aadhar EKYC

Under this KYC scheme, customers purchasing a new Airtel postpaid/prepaid mobile connection need to submit their Biometrics information such as IRIS and fingerprints scanning while purchasing a mobile number.

The details which you’ve submitted will be immediately compared with the Aadhar database to verify and following the authentication verification, the mobile connection will be activated at once in the name of the customer.

The process is fully safe and secure and the retailer of the Airtel number will also be registered under Aadhaar.

Recent statistics revealed that around 7-8 crores subscribers are subscribed to new mobile connection every year and nearly Rs 145 to Rs 175 were spent by Telecoms for using numerous sheets of papers. Aadhar based eKYC will save our environment by reducing the use of papers thus saving more money too.

Why To Use Aadhar EKYC to get a Airtel SIM Card?

  • Decreased activation costs
  • Improvement in quality of sales
  • Regulatory compliance is well maintained
  • Quick and hassle free activation

How to Get Aadhar eKYC done With Your Airtel Number?

Based on the rules and compliances of Department of Telecom (DoT), the following steps should be followed:

  • Bring your original Aadhar card to the Airtel SIM retailer.
  • Provide your biometric information such as fingerprints.
  • Your eKYC data will be then downloaded based on the details on your Aadhar card.
  • Next step is authentication process; once it’s completed, the copy of the eCAF(Customer Application Form) I send as acknowledgement from the UIDAI server to the Airtel store.
  • Then, crosscheck all the details provided in the PDF very carefully and then acknowledge the details by another biometric thumbprint.
  • The request for activation is then sent by the operator to the Airtel server.

Now, Let Us Discuss the Steps to Get Airtel SIM Card with Aadhar eKYC:

  • Visit your nearby retailer; don’t forget to take your Aadhar card with you
  • Before you buy a new SIM, biometric authentication will be done which means your IRIS scan data and fingerprint will be collected and stored
  • Once the authentication process is completed, you will receive the acknowledgement receipt and your request will be processed and the SIM card will be provided to you.
  • Once the SIM card is activated at Airtel server’s end, you will able to use your SIM card.

Frequently Asked Questions about Aadhar eKYC

What Are the Documents Are Required to Complete the Process?

To complete this process, all you need to have is your valid Aadhar card number and a mobile. You need to complete biometric verification process and also you need to provide the OTP send to your registered mobile number.

What If I Don’t Link my Mobile to Aadhar?

If you didn’t link your mobile and Aadhar within Feb 2018, your mobile services might get disconnected.

Where Can I Get my Aadhar Card Link With my Mobile Number?

Just visit any retailer nearby your area

Do I Need to Pay for This?

There is no fee for linking Aadhar with your mobile number

If you don’t have an Aadhaar card number linked with your mobile number till now, you’ll probably have to get one as soon as possible, since the government is making this compulsory process, and it looks like getting a mobile connection is next on the list!

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