Is Your Aadhar Card Needs Correction? Now Public Can Update Aadhar Card at Post Office in Tamilnadu

By | April 3, 2024

There is a type in your name, address or anything else in your Aadhar car? Don’t worry, now you can update at post office in Tamilnadu. In this article, I am going to explain how to update your Aadhar card?

Aadhar Card Update/Correction

Recently there have been many issues rising regarding wrong details printed on their Aadhar cards. Date of Birth, Residence address, name and gender, contact number or any other information which is present in your Aadhara card can be easily changed if it’s incorrect.

Apart from, there are few other reasons for updating Aadhar card, that’s rejection. The possible reasons for rejections are:

  • Incorrect proof of ID/address.
  • Failure to attest proof of ID/address.
  • Uploading wrong documents.
  • Incorrect mobile number.

If you’re looking to update the details in your Aadhar care, the procedure of changing details is very easy.There are two modes, through which you can change your Aadhar card details,

  1. Online Method.
  2. Offline Method.

Online Method:

The Aadhar Card Number and the Registered Mobile Number is required for login into the portal. The user is authenticated using OTP on their registered mobile phones. To complete the update process, the user needs to submit the following documents.

  • Passport
  • PAN Card
  • Ration/ PDS Photo Card.
  • Voter ID
  • Driving License
  • Government Photo ID Cards.
  • Photo Bank ATM Card.
  • Photo Credit Card.

Offline Method:

When it comes to offline method, there are two types.

  1. By sending postal mails
  2. Visiting the enrollment center directly

By Sending Postal Mails: You can also update your Aadhar card details by sending Aadhar data update request from and other supporting documents via postal mails. The update will be processed and the receipt of update request form will be sent to your registered mobile number. You can send the completed request form to:

AIDA, Post Box No. 99, Barbara Hills, Hyderabad – 500034 India

Visiting the Enrollment Centre Directly: If you are visiting Aadhaar Permanent Enrolment Center, you can get both demographics (Name, Address, DoB, Gender, Mobile & Email) & biometrics (Finger Prints, Iris & Photograph). Don’t forget to carry the original documents fr updating your details. Original documents will be handed back once it’s scanned.

How Much It Will Cost?

If you were trying to update your Aadhar card details via online or postal service, it can done at free of cost. But when it comes to visiting the center directly, you need to pay 25 Rs each time you get your details updated.

When Will It Get the Updated Aadhar Card?

The turnaround time for getting the updated Aadhar card is 90 days. Your update request will be verified by UIDAI representative and then it will get approved. Once your request is approved, you can download your e-Aadhaar by clicking “Download Aadhara” on

Only in case of changes in Name, Address, Date of Birth and Gender, Aadhar letter with updates will be delivered at the given address. For Update of Mobile number/Email ID, only a notification message will be sent on the given mobile number/email ID.

Things to Remember While Updating Aadhar Card

“Precaution is always better than cure,” as like this adage, little cautious while providing the information will minimize the risk of rejection. Here are the few steps to follow while updating your Aadhar card.

  • Fill in the details in English as well as in your local language.
  • If you file for corrections online, keep the Update Request Number safe since you will need it to check the status of the update.
  • Send only the documents that are needed to support the information being changed. For example, if you are requesting for your date of birth to be corrected, just send the Birth Certification only, don’t send all the address/ID proof documents.
  • The copies of the documents you send must be attested by you. If the cardholder is a minor then the parents or the guardians can attest such documents.

Now when it comes to the title “Public can update AADHAR at post offices in Tamil Nadu” – Yeah….You can update the details if your Aadhar card by visiting the post offices in Tamilnadi.

The centers will be available in the following post offices –Chennai Head Office, Anna Salai, Thiyagarayanagar Head Office, Mylapore, St Thomas Mount, Teynampet, Anna Nagar, Ashok Nagar and Triplicane with effect from July 3, 2017.

Hope this information will be helpful for you!

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