Lost or Misplaced Your Aadhar Card? Here’s How to reapply….

By | March 22, 2024

Lost or misplaced your Aadhar card? No need to worry! Yes…You can cancel your old card and reapply for a new card just within the comfort of your home, i.e. online.

Apart from lost and misplaced, there is also a reason behind reapplying for a new Aadhar card. Do you know what it is? Its “Rejection”, that is if your Aadhar card is rejected by the UIDAI authority, you can reapply via online.

Lost or Misplaced Your Aadhar Card? Here’s How to reapply….

Reasons behind “Aadhar Card Rejection”

  • Incorrect information in the form.
  • Lack of proofs and other supporting documents.
  • Missed to register bio metric information such IRIS scan and thumbprints.
  • Failed to verify and attest supporting documents.

Other Reasons Include:

  • Application Rejected.
  • Application Not Found.
  • Application Has Not Been Processed.

So, whatsoever the reason is, to reapply an Aadhar card, you need to follow almost all steps as same as applying for a new Aadhar card.

Steps to Reapply for a New Aadhar Card

  • First and foremost, you need to get the Aadhar card enrollment form. You can download this form by visiting the official portal UIDAI or visiting your nearby enrollment center.
  • Fill out the application form and submit the form to the officials along with all the supporting documents.
  • After submitting your application, you need to provide your bio metric data like fingerprints of all the 10 fingers, and IRIS Scan of two pupils.
  • These data will be collected and stored in the Aadhar card database. You will also be photographed by the staff at the enrollment center.
  • While reapplying for the Aadhar card, make sure not to repeat the same mistake while filling the application form.
  • Keep all the documents and attested proofs handy to avoid unexpected issues and delays.

Special Points to Consider While Reapplying:

  • Make sure to fill your application in a neat and well understandable handwriting.
  • Don’t missed out to fill out all the details in capital letters..
  • Ensure you’ve provided all the biometric information to the respective officials.
  • Check out the validity of the supporting documents before submitting it to the UIDAI.

Guide to Reapply Lost or Misplaced Aadhar Card:

In case, you’ve lost, misplaced or someone has stolen your Aadhar card and if you’re looking to reapply for a new Aadhar card, then consider the below-given steps: (Hope you were aware of your Aadhar card number)

  • Go to the official Aadhar website UIDAI portal.
  • Select the option “Aadhar Card Number” under the option “I Have”.
  • Now, enter your Aadhar card number, name, pin code, demographic locations etc. and also fill out all the required details.
  • Then enter the security code given there. An OTP will be texted to your registered mobile number. You need to enter the OTP in the respective fields and Click on “Validate and Download” option.
  • Now you will be available with the copy of your e-Aadhar card. This will act both as a valid ID proof as well as address proof as same as the hard copy of the Aadhar card.
  • Use your area pin code to open the downloaded file.

If you’ve any doubts or queries regarding your lost or misplaced Aadhar card, you can call the toll free number of the UIDAI and talk to their representatives.

They will assist you by sending duplicate Aadhar card to your registered address via postal mail.

Don’t forget to keep your enrollment slip safer, because getting a duplicate Aadhar card is little bit difficult without the enrollment slip.

Aadhar card number can be used as a valid ID proof for opening bank account, applying for passport, booking online tickets etc. It can be used both as address proof and identity proof. Aadhar card will allow people to get FREE access to almost all subsidies offered by the Government of India.

So, whether you’ve lost your card, or didn’t receive your card still now, don’t wait no more! Just reapply for a new Aadhar card and be a responsible Indian Citizen.

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