The Beginner’s Guide To Aadhaar Pay – Spend Just 5 Minutes to Read This!

By | March 13, 2024

In today’s world, everything is digitalized and we often call our India as “Digital India”. As one among the recent technological advancements, the Government of India has now introduced “Aadhaar Pay App”.

The Beginner's Guide To Aadhaar Pay

In this article, we are going to discuss “the 5 minutes guide on Aadhaar Pay App”.

What is Aadhaar Pay App?

It’s a mobile enabled application payment app for merchants. This application allows you to accept cashless payments without using any other traditional payment methods.

By installing this Aadhaar Pay App, it will eliminate the necessity for credit and debit card which were needed for primary transactions. Using the app, merchants and customers can avoid any extra transaction-related costs and other charges.

Aadhaar Card Working Process

All you need to do is, just download the Aadhaar Pay App from Google Play Store. Your smartphone should be synchronized with an Aadhaar biometric scanner, which takes the place of the Point of Sale terminal. Once the registration process is complete, customers can start transacting by crediting their Aadhaar card number and selecting the bank. For the need of password, verifying your biometric information will be acts as the password. However, Aadhaar card transaction can be made only for the customers who linked their Aadhaar card with their bank account.

Tips to Install Aadhaar Pay App

  • Visit Google Play Store in your Mobile phone or you can also visit Google Play Store in your PC.
  • On the search box of the Play Store, type BHIM Aadhar Pay App or BHIM Aadhar Payment App.
  • You will get the list of apps, choose BHIM Aadhaar Card Pay App from the list and click “Install” and get it downloaded it in your Android smartphone.

Features You Need in Your Smartphone to get Aadhaar Pay App.

  • The smartphone you have should be capable of supporting and detecting USB Biometric Fingerprint Scanner.
  • The phone used by the merchant should not have a customized operating system.
  • The operating system in your smartphone should be Android Version 4.2.2 or higher than that.

Security Concerns for using Aadhaar Pay App

Whatever system we were using, everything has its security concerns. But when it comes to this mobile-enabled application, Aadhaar Pay App is a highly secure app which will use platforms such as – Aadhaar Payment Bridge and Aadhaar enabled payment system.

These two will increase the security feature of this application. And also for doing transaction & registration using this mobile application, you will be required to provide your biometric information such as IRIS scan and fingerprint.

This will reduce the chance of fraudulent activities. And also, while doing this transaction no other third party intervention is required, since reducing theft and cybercrimes.

The Aadhaar card bridge acts as repository between the banks and the customers to provide the smooth transactions, while AEPs (Aadhaar Enabled Payment System) will help in authenticating the online transaction process.

Advantages of Using Aadhaar Pay App

  • Helps in paving the way to Digitalized India! Now with e-wallets, customers can enjoy hassle-free transactions via Aadhaar card.
  • While using Aadhaar card, there will no more extra charges unlike debit or credit cards.
  • Thus Aadhaar card transaction involves verifying biometric information etc., Aadhaar Pay App is more safe and secure. And also, all the information used were get encrypted and therefore it cannot be stolen.
  • Last but not the least, usage of Aadhaar Pay App doesn’t come up with annual charges.


As like all the applications, there will be certain limitations you need to face while using Aadhaar Pay app. They are:

  • To use Aadhaar Pay App, you need strong internet connectivity. Even it is considered as the best payment mode, you cannot be able to transfer funds to another account using this Aadhaar application.
  • If a customer wants his/her money back after making payment, there is no way to get it back instantly. Rather it needs few working days to get the refund.


The Government of India is taking all the necessary steps to transform the economy into a cashless one Aadhaar card is used both as verification document for identity and also can be used for transaction once it is linked to the bank account.

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