What Is a Smart Office? – The Ultimate Guide

By | April 8, 2024

You ask any real estate or corporate professional and they’ll tell you that we are entering the era of smart living. When our phones, televisions, lights and homes have become smart, why not our offices?

Have you heard of a smart office? What does it actually mean? What are the additions that will make an office ‘smart’? What are the benefits that the employees and employers will get from a smart office?

What Is a Smart Office

Instead of beating around the bush, let’s delve deeper into the matter of smart office. Scroll down to know more on what it is and how it is helpful.

Smart Office – What is it?

This is a workplace where all sorts of modern and advanced technology are used to help employees work better, smarter and faster. Once you clear the hurdles faced by employees, you can achieve a smart office.

As long as smart office solutions are concerned, it works by eliminating trivial tasks and other impediments that drain off energy and time from the workforce. Whenever an office becomes smart, the employees are allowed to focus only on the things that matter.

Ideally, a smart office will comprise of an integration of technologies that connect with the building, the employees and the existing IT infrastructure for achieving all kinds of goals.

Solid features of a Smart Office that you shouldn’t miss

In order to make a normal office ‘smart’, there are certainly some gadgets and objects that have to be added in order to get that prefix. Here are some of the main features of a smart offices.

  • Smart Desks and Smart Meeting Rooms

Smart desks improve different aspects of the well being, amenity and productivity of the employees. Based on the system of the smart chairs, they offer apt conditions for a perfect stand and sit posture. It tracks any reserved or open spaces and they can be searched through an online booking platform.

Smart chairs also find employees in scattered parts of a huge office building thereby making communication seamless. Smart conference rooms can also make meetings and video conferencing more comfortable.

  • Video Monitoring

The modern day video monitoring is mainly used for keeping internal theft at bay and also for several other security reasons. Once you enter and work in a smart office, you’ll know that they make extensive use of camera technology.

These gadgets analyze how office spaces should be used with different views of light, angle and zoom features. Thanks to the split-screen feature that you can keep a tab on 4-6 different locations with just one computer. The images are all stored in the cloud.

  • Intelligent Lighting and Climate Control

Companies always find it tough to please every employee, especially when someone likes it hot and someone else likes it cold. Thanks to smart technologies that things have become simpler than before. Employees will now enjoy climate control within their rooms, saving energy and costs.

Intelligent climate control system has the capability of detecting usage patterns, preferences and can also regulate temperature. At the same time, you can also manage doors, windows and lights with a single tap on the screen.

  • Gamification

We still fail to realize the noteworthy role of gamification in smart offices for several years now. Whether it is for onboarding or for sales or other processes, companies always know the vitality of designing their games.

There are times when due to the ‘forced fun factor, gamification efforts go in vain. Nevertheless, smart managers are aware of creating the best opportunities with the smartest tools.

  • Indoor Maps

These days office buildings are huge and you need maps to guide you from one building or department to another. Visitors and employees may use indoor maps to navigate from one floor to another.

This can be easily done with the help of smartphones. You can easily search for halls, conference rooms and other office space and get the easiest direction.

Therefore, now that you know the solid features of a smart office, what are the other amazing things that you expect to get from such a high-tech office? You can leave your thoughts in the comments section so that we too get to know what you think of such offices.

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