What You Need to Know About Aadhar Card Bill?

By | February 16, 2024

Thinking what does it mean by Aadhar Card Bill?

The Aadhar card bill is introduced by the Minister of Finance, Mr. Arun Jaitley on 2016. The main intention of this bill is to provide the delivery of subsidies and services to the residents in India by allocating them unique identity number, called Aadhaar number.

What You Need to Know About Aadhar Card Bill?

What Are the Salient Features of the Bill?

To need an Aadhar card bill or Aadhar card number, the details you need to be submitted includes: bio metric information (photograph, fingerprints, IRIS Scan) and location details including place, district, state etc.

Why You Need to Use Aadhar Card Bill – Advantages

  • The Government of India (GoI) would be able to save Rs. 50, 000 crores per year by using Aadhar bill for delivering schemes and subsidies offered the GoI.
  • The GoI has saved Rs. 10, 000 crores by delivering LPG subsidies using Aadhar Card.
  • The Government of India can save more by claiming paper-less, presence-less and cash-less by using Aadhar card for all purposes.
  • 300 million+ people who seek Govt. services daily save 600 million hours by using Aadhar card.
  • Numerous subsidies and schemes would be easily implemented in India with the use of Aadhar Card.
  • Using Aadhar card for delivering subsidies and FREE schemes greatly reduced fraudulent activities.

What You Need to Know About Aadhar Card Bill

Eligibility Criteria

Regardless of age, every resident in India shall be permitted to obtain an Aadhar card number.

Documents to be submitted

You need to submit your bio metric information such as photograph, IRS scan, 10 fingers print and demographic information such as data of birth and address

Enrollment Process

During enrollment process, the verification and authentication will be done by the officials and you will be informed with all the details including: With whom your Aadhar card information will be shared, the right to access the information and how the information will be used.

After verifying all these details and the information provided by you, the Aadhar card will be issued.

Uses of Aadhar Bill

Aadhar Bill alias called as Aadhar Card Number is used as the identity for the individual for receiving a government subsidy, a service or subscribing a new scheme.

If you do not have an Aadhar card number, the government will ask you to apply the one.

You can also use the Aadhar card number as a valid proof for both public and private entity for any purpose.

Protection of Aadhar Bill Information

Bio metric information and other kinds of information collected from you for the purpose of Aadhar card bill will be used only for Aadhar card enrollment and authentication process.

such information will not be shared or disclosed to anyone except for the uses specified by the UIDAI regulatory.

Aadhar is Not Mandatory

While introducing the new Aadhar bill, Mr. Arun Jaitley states that having an Aadhar card is not mandatory.

But, if the people below a certain income wish to avail the schemes and subsidiesoffered by the Government of India then the need of Aadhar Card is mandatory.

Aadhar Card Not a Proof of Citizenship

The bill states that the Aadhar card or Aadhar card number should not be used as a proof of citizenship or domicile.

Offences and Forfeits

For any unauthorized access to the centralized Aadhar card database and revealing any stored information, a person maybe punished with jail upto three years and minimum penalty of Rs 10 lakhs.

On the final recap

There are many information privacy and surveillance issues when it comes to Aadhar card bill. But on the flip side there’s a bright side.

Yeah….Aadhaar can be now used as a single valid proof instead of submitting the multiple proof documents — ration card, PAN, bank statements!

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