What You Need to Know About Linking Aadhar Card to Caste Certificate?

By | April 1, 2024

So, what is Caste Certificate and Why it is Important? Caste Certificate is the proof of one’s belongings to the specified caste.

Recently, the Government of India has made the mandatory one to link Aadhar card number to the caste certificate.

Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) requested all the students to link their Aadhar cards.

Each and every state under the Government of India is requested to submit both, caste certificates and domicile certificates thatare granted within a period of 60 days to children who are in Class 5th or 7th.

What You Need to Know About Linking Aadhar Card to Caste Certificate?

Do you know, what is the importance of linking Aadhar card to caste certificate?

The main aim of linking caste certificate with Aadhar card is to streamline the process of gaining access to bone-fide students who belong to Scheduled Castes to the reserved services and posts under the Government of India and attain free admission in educational sectors and to avail other facilities.

The Central Government of India has instructed all state governments to link the Aadhar card of all students with their caste certificate.

This is an effort to help the GoI disburse scholarships and other caste and domicile-based benefits faster.

This also helps in reducing the fraudulent activities that happens, as there have been grievances of delay in grant of scholarship to students belonging to SC and ST.

The principal of the school is responsible for collecting the certificates from the students and submitting into the respective officials.

By linking your Aadhar card with your caste certificate, you will be able to receive all the following benefits:

Scholarships: By linking your Aadhar card with the caste certificate, you can get scholarships! The eligibility criteria for this are: The income of your family should be within 1 lakh per annum and you should be under BC, ST, or SC. If you meet both criteria, there are many B. Tech, B.Ph, B. Ed, and MBBS, etc. colleges in which the semester fees and tuition fees will be paid by the Government.

Reservation in Education Institutes like IIT and IIM: For the students from Scheduled Tribes and Scheduled Castes, the Government is now offering 49% reservation and it doesn’t matter whatever your cut off mark is. So, by linking your Aadhar card with the caste certificate, you will be able to enjoy this reservation scheme.

Reservation in Government Jobs: When it comes to applying Government jobs, you will not be charged for the application fee or examination fee, if you’re under SC, ST or MBC. It doesn’t matter whether your score is good or bad, you’re still getting the chances favor for you.

Reservation in Politics: In politics also, you will be able to enjoy reservation if you fall under the caste of SC, ST and MBC. Currently, the Government of India is offering 1/3rdseats are for women and among them 30% is for SC, ST and MBC peoples.

And the total reservation count comes to 63%/100% reserved in both Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha.

These are the few things that you might be aware of “Why it is important for students to link their caste certificate with the Aadhar card?”

Hope you find this article useful! If you’ve any doubts regarding Aadhar card, feel free to ask us or contact the support from UIDAI.

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